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Four Things that Take Tailgating at Miller Park in Milwaukee to a Whole Other Level

It doesn’t matter if there are record highs and sunny skies or it’s freezing cold and snowing in early April. Spring in Wisconsin means something pretty special to thousands of baseball fans: Opening Day at Miller Park.

While it’s a bummer that the season opener isn’t always a home game, that never stops the loyal Brew Crew from celebrating the first home game every year. And celebrate they do, with parties and games and all kinds of festivities for hours before the first pitch.

From the food and drinks to the party games and get-togethers, tailgating is an art form for Brewers fans. New to the area and not sure what to expect?

Here’s what you need to know:

Arrive early for the best spots

If you’re aiming to be close to the stadium, it’s best to arrive early. Lots open three hours prior to game time, and Miller Park rules encourage fans to head into the game within a half hour of the start time. Tailgating is permitted in all lots, but many fans have a favorite area they like to stake out as far in advance as possible. For example, if port-a-potties aren’t really your thing, the Yount and Uecker lots east of the stadium offer relatively close restrooms at the Sausage Haus.

Remember your B’s and Qs

Brats and beer are synonymous with a true Brewers tailgate. Just don’t show up with Budweiser. (Miller High Life and all its Miller family members are strongly preferred by most Milwaukeans). Even a PBR is a better choice than that Budweiser. Forks do not make eating off a paper plate while standing and holding a beer an easy feat, so other food faves include mayo based salads you can enjoy with a spoon, cheese and sausage trays and pretty much anything you can dip chips in.

Expect to be neighborly

It’s not unusual to make friends while tailgating that you may or may not ever see again. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to share charcoal or lighter fluid, or even a beer from time to time. Friendly games of corn hole and catch will be happening all over the place, and it’s considered completely acceptable for most passerby to join in the fun. It’s all part of the community experience of tailgating at Miller Park: embrace it.

Head into the stadium for the game

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s tempting particularly on warmer days to tailgate into the second or third inning. While that’s normal, it is encouraged that fans enter the stadium within 30 minutes of the first pitch. And why wouldn’t you want to? On your way in, don’t forget to take a picture with one of many statutes, like those of Hank Aaron or Robin Yount. Inside, fans unite to cheer on the Brewers. The food in the park runs the gamut from simple hot dogs to more elaborate foodie-approved dishes.

All in the love of America’s past-time, which is on a whole other level in Milwaukee.