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Milwaukee Talks: Getting to know local makeup mogul Shalisa Elizabeth

No two days are ever the same in the life of Shalisa Elizabeth. A budding talent and visionary in the makeup industry, Shalisa has perfected her craft on celebrities, magazine shoots, and regular women alike.

And that’s how she likes it.

“I really believe that natural beauty can be enhanced by using makeup, but ultimately, it’s about knowing who you’re working with and tailoring it to their unique needs,” said the owner of Milwaukee-based Shalisa Elizabeth Artistry.

Makeup is just one of many ways Shalisa seeks to make the world a little more beautiful.

“I’ve always been a creative, artsy person, not to mention a girly girl,” said Shalisa, who originally thought her calling was in advertising or public relations. She calls her life destiny fulfilled, as a job she took at a salon evolved into an opportunity to work with MAC Cosmetics for six years.

Living the dream

Seven years later, she owns her own business, offering freelance makeup services.

“I’m always a dreamer, so when it felt real and it felt right, I felt my purpose being fulfilled,” said Shalisa, who was born and raised in Brown Deer. “I feel like other people around me started noticing (my business) as something that needed to happen before I even believed it was real.”

As a result, no two days are ever the same in her world, and she likes it that way.

From professional business shoots to more glam photo shoots and bridal parties, Shalisa loves the opportunities her business offers her to travel and meet new people.

Always seeking the next challenge

“What inspires me is always striving to be the best version of me,” she said. “And always trying to perfect my methods and see how much farther I can push myself in the industry.”

So far, that positive attitude has afforded her the chance to do makeup for the likes of Golden Globe nominated actress, writer, director and producer Issa Rae, in addition to several other celebrities.

Confidence is where it’s at for Shalisa, who says her upbringing definitely plays an important role in all that she does. She calls herself a pretty confident person who tries to instill that in each person she touches, embracing each person’s race and ethnic background in the process.

Embracing individuality

“I just love how transformative makeup is,” she said. “It’s therapeutic for me to do makeup not each client looks the same, so nothing I do is cookie cutter, and I always gear whatever I’m doing toward what they’re looking for so it’s never the same.”

What’s next for this budding talent? She said she hopes to be signed with one or a few talent or modeling agencies, book some bigger gigs, and travel more. Her advice to aspiring artists is simple.

“Practice, practice, practice,” she said. “And patience. Nothing happens overnight.”

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