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Small Business Spotlight: Asili Naturals in Milwaukee

When it comes to skincare, one local business owner believes wholeheartedly in getting back to basics.

Based in Milwaukee, Asili Naturals was created to offer a local source for homemade skin care products. The name shares Swahili synonyms like origin and nature.

“Like anyone else, I used to buy skin care products from department and drug stores to treat my oily and acne-prone skin,” said Trenise Watson, owner and CEO of Asili Naturals. The products would often irritate and dry out her skin, which prompted Watson to do a little detective work on what those products contained.

A recent article in Forbes points to skin care as the biggest segment in the beauty industry, with global sales expected to exceed $130 billion by 2019.

With humble roots in Watson’s kitchen, Watson said the products in the Asili Naturals line will be part of that puzzle, only without the use of any harsh chemicals. Instead, the unique, plant-based skin care products put nature to work.

Bringing skin care back to basics

“We are an all-natural skincare company dedicated to making plant-based skincare products using the purest ingredients to prevent and repair skin issues,” Watson explained.

The products, which include treats like handmade bath bombs, a clay mask and body butter, are a result of research Watson did on the products she was using prior to starting the business.

“I started to research the individual ingredients to determine the benefits along with what each was meant to accomplish,” she explained. And what she found was startling.

“Many of the products I used on a regular basis contained harmful ingredients that are too harsh for the skin,” she said, citing alcohols, parabens, and sulfates as prime examples. That’s among the reasons why Watson decided one day to start making her one homemade skin care line using natural ingredients.

“Know I know for sure and am in control of everything I put on my face,” she said. It wasn’t long after she began wearing her daily banana and honey facial mask that friends and family began noticing a marked improvement in her skin.

“I got so many compliments about the quality and glow of my skin that people were constantly asking me to make them batches of my products,” Watson recalled.

The result? Asili Naturals is born

After years of trial and error and research and development, Watson took a leap of faith in starting Asili Naturals, a brand she said stands for healthy skin, confidence, and integrity.

“We believe that people should feel beautiful and confident in their own skin,” Watson said. “It’s really that simple…our goal is to improve the condition of the skin and preserve it as it matures.”

Asili Naturals products are sold at the River West Co-Op, 733 E. Clarke St., and EnColour Milwaukee, 5222 W. Center St., in addition to being available for purchase online.

At River House, we care about helping you settle in rather than settle, which is why we believe in the importance of shopping local and supporting small businesses.

Asili Naturals is one of many options with local roots, close to home at River House.

For more information, or to schedule a showing, call (414) 273-3300 or visit us online.


WHAT: Asili Naturals

WHERE: Order online

WHEN: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday

CONTACT: (414) 522-7454, asilinaturals1@gmail.com