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Small Business Spotlight: Invivo Wellness

Wellness is about more than eating right and working out.

It’s a state of mind. It’s a way of life.

That’s the perspective of the staff at Invivo Wellness, a beautiful urban wellness center that overlooks the Milwaukee River.

Located at 2060 N. Humboldt Ave., Invivo was founded on the principle that fitness and wellness can, and should, be inspiring. The building bathes in natural sunlight, and welcomes guests with calming colors and a modern design meant to create a sense of balance and tranquility.

The facility offers a wide variety of classes and treatments aimed at improving the mind-body connection. From fitness and yoga classes to chiropractic care and acupuncture, there is something for everyone to explore.

Wellness is the whole package

Mind, body, and spirit are all priorities at Invivo, which is one of Devin Settle’s favorite things about working there.

“We have personal connections with everyone who comes here, and it touches my heart to think that I can potentially be the best part of someone’s day,” said Settle, communications associate for Invivo.

River House recently sat down with Devin to learn more about this local gem:

River House: What do you enjoy about your work at Invivo Wellness?

Devin Settle: I’ve been with Invivo since 2014. I started as part of the front desk staff as a part time job while I finished up my dance degree at UW-Milwaukee. When I first began the job, I was so excited to be immersed in an environment that introduced me to new information about one of my favorite topics – the human body. Now that I’ve been here for years, I’ve experienced most of the services and can say that I still feel like I’m learning something new every week. There’s always something to learn from all of the instructors, therapists, and trainers.

RH: Who inspires you and why? 

DS: I am personally inspired by the clients that come to Invivo for our yoga and fitness classes! Their consistency in attendance helps me check in with my own wellness journey, and reminds me that wellness is for every age.

RH: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about working for a small local business?

DS: Everyone who is a part of the company wants it to succeed and prosper because people want to feel proud about their work life. Small businesses especially can be hit with “bumps in the road,” but if the company is already built on a foundation of mutual respect between management and staff, as well as open communication, then I believe that will be the safety net in any times of stress. If you treat your coworkers with care, they will care about the business.

RH: Can you describe a moment or moments when you stopped and realized this is why you are doing what you’re doing with your life?

DS: There is a client who refers to Invivo as her “sanctuary”, and to me that is incredibly special. Maurice, our owner, holds that of high importance. He wants the environment to be a community for those who walk through our doors. So much healing can come from the first smiles of the front desk staff, and it continues into the gym or yoga studio or therapy rooms. 

At River House, we believe in living your best life. That’s why we not only support local businesses as much as possible, but we also strive to offer only the best living experiences to our residents.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to call Invivo Wellness a resident perks partner, which means our residents receive 15 percent off club memberships and massage therapy. Not only that, but we’re within walking distance! 

We also embrace wellness throughout our community, offering our own on-site yoga and spin room, as well as a state-of the-art fitness center.

For more information, or to schedule a tour, call (414) 273-3300 or visit us online.

Start living your best life today!